A close friend told me recently that she always admired the fact that I didn’t seem to care what anyone thought of me, I just did what I wanted and that was that. To an extent, she’s correct. Though, in recent years I lost sight of my bull-headed confidence. I questioned my actions and asked myself the dreaded question: Will people like me if I do this?




Moana: Thoughts

I don’t care how old I am, Disney is timeless to me. And Moana is now on my top 5 Disney movies list, the current ranking is:

  1. Mulan (I will one day write about how much I love about the movie, from the art style, to the story itself and the amazing roster of characters)
  2. Lion King (I don’t need to explain this, frankly, this movie is one of the greatest ever)
  3. Moana
  4. Aladdin (Not going to lie, most of this is because of Robin Williams)
  5. Hercules (I… loved this movie more as an adult than a child, frankly)

But Moana. Where do I even start? (more…)

An Honest Look at Myself

I subbed for the first time since my internship, and damn, it was rough as hell. I think I took for granted my relationship with the children at the school I interned at, since they were used to me and sort of behaved better when I was around. This school was new to me, and the children did not know me. And well, it was awful.


In the wake of the near nervous state I was in after this rough day (kindergarteners can break you, shockingly), I simply lost it when I received an unwarranted snapchat from someone. It was a picture of a particular celebrity who is not renowned for her looks or personality, and who I find quite off-putting. My self-esteem has been fragile lately, and this simply did not help- especially since in no world is being equated to this particular celebrity an actual compliment. (more…)

Anger isn’t always negative

All the drama aside, I was discussing with one of my friends how I am usually most motivated when I’m angry. He told me that probably wasn’t healthy.

It probably isn’t.


However, I’ve found in my case that my anger often buoys a certain sense of empowerment and it actually helps me accomplish certain things I have been procrastinating. It also makes me braver and less afraid of failure. So really, is anger always negative? (more…)