Moana: Thoughts

I don’t care how old I am, Disney is timeless to me. And Moana is now on my top 5 Disney movies list, the current ranking is:

  1. Mulan (I will one day write about how much I love about the movie, from the art style, to the story itself and the amazing roster of characters)
  2. Lion King (I don’t need to explain this, frankly, this movie is one of the greatest ever)
  3. Moana
  4. Aladdin (Not going to lie, most of this is because of Robin Williams)
  5. Hercules (I… loved this movie more as an adult than a child, frankly)

But Moana. Where do I even start?

I think the visuals should be addressed first. The movie is incredibly beautiful, the animation is just stunning.


I mean the water- the sky- the scenery- the characters… this isn’t even a coherent sentence anymore. I spent two weeks last summer sailing the British Virgin Islands, and while not the same geographical location, the crystal clear water and sandy beaches made me miss BVI so much.


Also it’s very rare that a movie addresses the feeling of sailing, the rolls in the water, the need to adjust to the wind, and navigation. Most importantly: it talks about the pure joy of sailing. I sat at the front of our catamaran while we were sailing in the BVI and it was so fun (and mildly terrifying). I ended up soaked but I couldn’t stop smiling.


I think, given where I am in my life- at the edge of beginning my career and becoming “adult”- this movie really struck a chord with me. The whole movie was about finding who you are, exploring the unknown, the importance of home and believing in your own power. All these themes are currently ones I’m dealing with in my life, so I couldn’t help but become enamored.

I also am so happy that these are themes that are being shown to children. Moana is seriously popular with kids and I’m so happy for it. Frozen lay the groundwork for strong females, but Moana really brought it home. As a character she’s resourceful, compassionate and never gives up.



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