Boring Snow Day: Much Needed

Today New England was covered in a blanket of snow. While it’s certainly not the biggest snowstorm I’ve ever seen in this area of the US, it’s the largest storm we’ve had in this incredibly uneventful winter.

Basically the motto of New England right now.

However, the break from the world and lack of socialization has done me some good. I’ve spoken to two people today: my roommate and the person who took my order at the little cafe down the road (I wanted a sandwich badly).

Frankly, I’ve been burnt out with people lately. Mostly my friends, who I haven’t spoken to much lately. It could just be this time of year, which I severely hate, due to the cold and generally bleak outlook everyone seems to adopt in winter (or just myself). Or it could be the fact that I find my choice in people abysmal lately. Maybe it’s just a problem with myself.

I spent the day playing Sims 4 (the new vampire addition is nifty), baking cookies (gluten-free, low carb coconut caramel bites) and working on a story idea. This is the kind of life I want to lead.

Also, Natalie Dormer is perfection.

I’ve started to wonder if a life as a cat lady is going to become my reality. And frankly, would that be such a bad thing? I mean, worst comes to worst- I know my sister is going to get married to someone (she is rarely single), and no doubt will have children. I’ll just be the weird aunt who does whatever the heck she wants, whenever the heck she wants.


I’ve started to adopt this mindset to my everyday life. I now go to boxing/kickboxing, I try to go at least three times a week- though this snow royally ruined my weekly goal. I find it really fun to punch the crap out of the bag, and all the cardio and core work keep me from being too comfortable. It’s a tough workout and I sweat so much. The great thing is, I have no one I care to impress- well, save for one of the instructors who is annoyingly cute (annoying because my inner shy girl dies on the inside when he comes near me)- so frankly I just go all out.

Though, I do not look this badass.

I have weight to lose and I don’t have time to stop and try to look good (and trust me, I don’t look great after a workout).

Weight loss has not being doing much, despite working out, cutting calories AND watching what I’m eating, the scale isn’t really budging. Though, I do feel better. I’ve been taking care of my skin (it’s slightly softer now), actually moisturizing and trying to drink a helluva lot more water.

I think Selfish Me is back… and that’s not a bad thing.


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