The Little Accomplishments

Since the new year has started, I’ve gone hard in terms of changing my life. I have set many goals, and I’ve already accomplished one of them.


On Friday I took my Praxis II for social studies and history (grades 7-12), and despite really not studying as hard as I should have, I scored 181. The test was out of 200, and I needed about a 152 to pass… I was just disappointed since I was THREE points from a certificate of excellence. THREE.

That being said, it was honestly one of the hardest tests I’ve ever taken.


I mean, studying for it was utter hell. The way the test is formatted is incredibly deceptive. It makes it seem as if you need to know ALL the history facts, but really you just need to know the basics and be REALLY good at process of elimination. One of my study guides essentially hinted at this, which in the end is what saved me.

Now it’s time to apply for certification. WOO. I’m almost a real adult with a career.

I’ve also begun working out, I’ve been trying out kickboxing. It is so fun! It really helped to get out my anger and stress by punching and kicking a bag, and I sweat like crazy. I think I might have actually found an activity that I genuinely enjoy. It totally beats going to the gym, which is incredibly boring. I have a short attention span for exercise (since I hate it so much).


So my body has been a weird kind of sore. Not a post-crossfit kind of can’t-walk-might-be-dying sore, but a my-joints-feel-tender kind of sore. It’s in places I’m not used to being sore after a workout (like my ankles, shoulders and abs- god my poor abs).

I also resolved things with my friend. He sort of forced me to. He’s lucky I semi-care about him, I guess. But things will never be the same, that’s for sure. Like now I just kind of look at him and I’m totally seeing him differently, it’s like the gloss of something new has been wiped off and now I’m not that impressed.


I really hope he doesn’t find this blog.

Now I just have to focus on making some $$ and meeting new people. I’ve… not been doing well in that arena. HOWEVER, it’s only January 15th so I think I can take it easy on myself.

Sub-goal of the year: go easier on myself. I hold myself to this standard that I can never meet. I’m never satisfied with anything I accomplish. And goddamnit, I’ve accomplished quite a bit.

Master’s degree, internships, now certification. I crushed my Praxis exams. I’m getting fit and starting to fix up my fashion sense (shout out to ASOS for literally being the best place to buy clothes ever- any body shape/type/size is welcome there). I have succeeded. Small victories.



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